Build the Career Beyond 2020: Agribusiness Management

Build the Career Beyond 2020: Agribusiness Management

Management, training and innovation are essential for success and maintaining competitiveness among multinationals. We know that investment in qualification of people and new technologies are at least part of the answer for the backlogs to the development of the agribusiness in the world, which include improvement in traceability, good production practices, food safety and utilization of residues.

Abilio Diniz, Chairman-BRF

The Global Agribusiness Industry influences various sectors of the economy from domestic to international level. It has become inevitable to recognize the growth of the farm based industry from farmers to supermarkets, from farm produce to branded multinational products. Diversification, Commercialization and Value Addition have together made the industry more complex at operational level. The growth and development of the Global Agribusiness industry involves tariff issues, Quality certifications, technological advancements in cultivation and crop monitoring, packaging, animal vaccination, new product development and many more skill based managerial parameters to make it the sustainable industry. 

Agribusiness Sector is showing robust growth

Agriculture and allied sectors including farm products to forestry, poultry and fishing accounting 13.9% of the GDP, continue to be the mainstay of the Indian economy. The Indian Agribusiness model is at advantageous stage because of Robust and uninterrupted Demand, Promising opportunities, Policy support and varied agro climatic region.



As a study, 53% of the employees in India are absorbed in agriculture, while the 47% is almost scattered among various sectors like manufacturing, non-manufacturing, and services. It shows that Agriculture is still the main sector of employment in India. According to a report, Indian Agriculture and allied sectors are projected and forecasted to escalate at a CAGR of 4.9%. (2020-2025). ( agriculture-industry-in-india) The Indian food industry is registering significant growth. Its contribution to world food trade and immense potential for value addition, the industry is showing upward remarks every year and expected to expand at the compound annual growth rate of ~11.5% between FY 2018 and FY 2023 to reach a value of INR 15,971.9 Bn in FY 2023. (

Agribusiness Management : Global Scope for Post Graduation

This intricacy has created a huge demand for skilled manpower to manage the industry more effectively to ensure seamless operation and value addition across Farm to Fork.  To identify, to nurture and to develop the next generation of professionals in the agribusiness sector, MBA Agribusiness has proved as the most promising option for higher study. 

The PostGraduate Studies in Agribusiness Management is highly focused on teaching and learning of management theories and concepts and its implications to agribusiness sectors as a whole. The study incorporates the marketing aspects of agribusiness from rural marketing to international marketing of Agro Products, and from sales management to brand management in agribusiness industry, it also deep dives into operational area of agribusiness by offering the subjects like agri supply chain management, vendor and storage management, and project management, it integrates the financial framework of agribusiness industry by covering the subjects like rural and microfinance, agriculture insurance policy, and commodity trading, the subjects like market analysis and financial analytics for agribusiness strengthen the agribusiness studies. The MBA Agribusiness has an appealing and sparkling sector specializations like Agri Input Management and Food Processing and Quality Assurance sectors.

High Income Potential

As per popular job portal, the average salary potential in the food and related industry is high, and is expected to maintain growth in the coming years.


(Source: Average salary in FMCG, Food and Beverage Industry India (naukri. com)

Agriculture and related sectors like forestry and fishing which account for 13.9% of the GDP, still remained in the mainstay of the Indian economy. The industry has changed the profiling and opened up ample windows of opportunity globally.  The job opportunities have clicked up the triggers from private sectors to public sectors, from corporate professionals to NGO developers, from marketing executives to market growers and many more. 

The agriculture segment in India is anticipated to produce more momentum in the following couple of years due to expanded investments in agricultural infrastructure which include irrigation facilities, warehousing, and cold storage. Mega food park is one the most promising projects launched by the Government of India to give another direction to Indian Agribusiness sector.

Placement Insights in Agribusiness Sector

Being a fast growing, evolving and progressive Industry, Indian agribusiness sector has become a lucrative segment for fresh, young and talented professionals. The annual salary package for MBA Agribusiness students ranges between INR 7.5 lacs to INR 2 lacs per annum with the profile of Warehouse manager, Retail Store Manager, Branding executive, Business Development Officer, Purchase Officer, Hyper Market In charge (Food and Retail Segment), and so on. 

The Universities who are pioneered in post graduate management degree in India have secured 100% placement. The students are placed at leading multinationals like ITC, Marico, Godrej Agrovet, Britannia, Netafim, Sumitomo chemicals, FMC India, Agrostar, Future Adhaar, Amul, Dupont, AXIS Bank, YES Bank, ADC Bank etc. 

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Agri Sector

Food Processing Sector, Commodity Trading sector, Quality Certification consultations, Poultry product processing, Ayurveda Medicine process, Sericulture, Bee Keeping, Agro Tourism etc are some of the segments which provide ample entrepreneurial opportunities world wide. The Government of India extends financial assistance to promote the startup and entrepreneurial approach in the Agribusiness Industry by offering schemes like, The Venture Capital Assistance Scheme, Credit Guarantee Scheme, Startup India through stages like GOI CED, NABARD, MUDRA etc

Success story

Two young students Palkesh and Haresh, sons of a farmer of India,  joined MBA Agribusiness program in 2007 with the dreams to scale up their farming business into a sustainable business model. Land reformation and bio friendly business They had a  unique skill set of hard work, integrity and hunger to acquire knowledge.they had a very special connection with the land. The study of MBA Agribusiness has helped them to nurture the idea of establishing a career in the biofertilizer segment of the industry. They prepared the blueprint for their business idea during their studies. After completion of the degree they have established a company as Kama Internationals. Today, Dr Palkesh Patel and Mr Haresh Patel are the names among the foundation batch (2007- 2009)  of  MBA Agribusiness at Ganpat University. They began their journey as entrepreneurs by establishing Kama International- Organic Fertilizer company and today they have got their space in the Wall of Fame of 50 Leading Rural Marketers of India. 

“The education, exposure and grooming that I got at Ganpat University helped me bag a job in an MNC, and grow very fast in my career. I have reached a managerial position in a short time.”

Chetan Mahajan, Territory Manager – Syngenta India Ltd.
MBA (Agribusiness) Batch 2010-12, Ganpat University, Centre for Management Studies and Research 



Prof.(Dr.) Maurvi Vasavada– academic professional who focuses on developing Industry oriented teaching- learning practises to confine the gap between Industry demand and academic skills of young professionals; works to align the academic and corporate expertise on the same platform worldwide by adopting innovative teaching pedagogy;  believes Research and Practical learning are the key driving factors to create the employable workforce for the industry.

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